Teflon Beast

Geoff – ‘Scraps! Volume 2’
Geoff album picThe return of SCRAPS! The latest release from Teflon Best is the second volume of compiled recordings (summer-winter 2013) by Geoff that either never found a home on a proper recording project or were experiments that did not yield a full album’s worth of music to justify a stand alone work. The one theme of all the music here is “improvisation.” Geoff’s music usually starts with an instrument or ensemble of instruments and takes off into quick flights of freakdom. Upon learning of Pete Seeger’s passing, Geoff grabbed acoustic instruments (banjo and 12-string acoustic guitar), hit record on a cassette deck, and out came three wonderful improvs (assisted by Chris Daily on tenor guitar). Elsewhere one will hear noisy energy music on “Fast Lane,” and solo electric guitar fx pedal weirdness on “No. 2 (Electric Primitivism study). This twelve-track set follows the many moods of Geoff to exciting new worlds and beyond.


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