UtonKähe+ CD + book 
uton-kahehand bounded book of collages, anarthria series N#03. Uton is the musical project of Jani Hirvonen from Finland. Kahe+ is Uton’s latest album that is firstly released as a very limited cassette by the Mexican label Dept Tapes in October 2013. This album is including 30 short tracks that was recorded in Chantepie, France in May-June of 2013 and is dedicated to 30 Finnish words which didn’t yet exist. This edition is also including two lond run bonus tracks made in the same period of time compiled from the recycled material from previus album sessions. Available: 1st edition: 32 pages hand bounded book of collages by Uton + CD. 2nd edition: CD in paper case (matte, 300 gr)

Socrates Martinis – ‘North’ 3″CDr + book
Socrates Martinis North3″inch cdr + hand bounded Book of poems & sketches, mm12, ltd 80. Socrates Martinis is a Greek composer of electroacoustic music. His works have been published also under the pseudonyms : nixilx.nijilx / Hélice Pied / blanco estira nuestro (+),hermana Hélice, on various labels like Absurd, Drone records, Entr’acte, Antifrost etc. North is based on Martinis’ performance “Wedding and the Negative”. The concept of the performance (i.e the drama of erotic desire) is here in further developed through a cycle of 8 poems, some ink sketches and 3 tracks, the longest of which is a reworking of its sonic part.


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