XYSM – ‘CH40’ CD 7
XYSM, as an acronym, stands for the first names of Christos (in Greek: Χρίστος) Chondropoulos, Yannis Saxonis, Sèbastien Marteau and Manolis Chatzidakis. XYSM also stands out as an example of an outsider band that doesn’t go with the (global) flow but follows a maverick, visionary instinct. An instinct so strong and bold as to create an urge to experiment that is propelled by a juvenile thirst – combined with the maturity that stems from the long separate paths of the four musicians through the years. “CH4O” is XYSM’s first proper release on a factory pressed CD, in a larger quantity, by a record company. Even though the band made these recordings for this purpose, it can surely be nothing more than just a glance of XYSM’s wide range of musical expression, aesthetics and amalgamated dynamics. This mini album focuses in the space exploration and restrained crescents created by percussion, modular electronics, reeds and amplified zither. Try to catch them in one of their rather infrequentlive appearances, enjoy this album and be sure to check out some of their other recordings. You never know what the next track might be like. Edition of 300 copies w/ oversisized, fold-out offset printing, housed in a PVC sleeve. Includes extensive liner notes by Panagiotis Spoulos.


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