postcard image 3In an era where nearly everything is done with a touch screen, one can’t help but miss the days when things weren’t so easy. Making an effort can make the outcome that much more meaningful. But the age of manually punching in a phone number, looking a word up in a book or pen pals seem to all but have disappeared. The sound of a dial tone, a busy signal, the feeling of licking the back of a postage stamp, all things future generations will never know. As a kid, there were fewer things more exciting than getting something in the mail and this subscription series is an attempt to keep that feeling alive. Those who subscribe will receive a unique, hand-made postcard in the mail, every month, for twelve months. Inside of each postcard you will find a download code to redeem a song by a different artist each time, in the end, leaving you with a twelve track compilation of exclusive material. There are 75 subscriptions available. The first postcard will ship in July of 2014. The artists contributing songs are: Amps for Christ, Charlyne Yi, Clark 8, Freddy Ruppert, Human Behavior, Joe Kile, John Thill, Labryyyynth, Night Auditor, Norse Horse, Treasure Mammal, Whitman.


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