dk044psiDK044 Humans Fuck Off – ‘Untitled’ C30
Second installement for “no-power guitar duo” by Asley Facchin and Mic/nodolby Scariot. The experimented formula remains the same: torrential guitars noise and demolished distortions.

DK045 RxFxSx – ‘Live at Club Le Larraskito’ C30
dk045psirXfXsX from Spain play circuit bent electronics and tape loops , his liveset recorded at Club Le Larraskito in Bilbao shifts from brutal explosions to buzzing interruptions, his work explores the instability and the decay of unprocessed sound sources, there are no tricks who hide the Truth of working with that kind of electronics, where every moment can be good for a failure.

DK046 Corpse Candle – ‘The Head and its Content’ C30
dk046psiCorpse Candle provides a two 15-minute drone pieces of ferocious feedbacks, savage synth pulsing and caterwauling tapes. What initially seems a static monolith of abstract noise hides an ever-expanding sonic palette of abrasive textures who creates a continous collapsing.

DK047 Yes!Regret – ‘Y!R’ C30
dk047psiYes!Regret combine shoegaze guitar with blasting electronics and pulsing rhythms. Elements of improvisational psychedelic stockpile layer upon layer through an hypnotic repetition. Recorded live in with no overdub!

DK048 Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen – ‘Mangelerscheinungen’ C30
dk048psi“Mangelerscheinungen” is the new effort of Hering Und Seine Sieben Sachen aka Daniel Voigt from Germany, his musique concrète made with magnetic tape, locked groove and delay fx abuse is constantly on the verge of collapsing (or exploding?). Deformed loops in perfect balance between drones and lopsided orchestral reiterations glide slowly like a thick fluid that overwhelms and encompasses the listener in a dreamlike atmosphere suspended between consciousness and unconsciousness.

DK049 Takahiro Mukai – ‘In Tantum Sonus’ C30
dk049psi“In tantum Sonus” is the new cassette of Takahiro Mukai from Japan, he provides six tracks of obsessive and minimal rhythms corroded by waves of acid synths and wonky grooves that oscillate constantly between hypnotic induction and anxiety-tension. Flows of sonic mutability are hidden beneath an apparent stillness.


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