Cruel Nature

Dyskinesia – ‘Dalla Nascita’ C50 £5
dyskinesiaFirst released as a digital download in 2011, this immense Italian doom post-metal work is now available as an ultra-limited edition tape. Captivating, hypnotic and atmospheric, every track sounds huge; ambient and experimental in parts but also unleashing crushing stoner doom grooves. Essential listening for fans of Sunn 0))), Neurosis and Isis. Recorded on a high quality black cassette with pro-printed gatefold inner sleeve. Limited to only 25 copies. 

Summer Night Air – ‘4’ C45 £5
Summer Night AirAmbient duo, Summer Night Air, conjure the kind of balmy evenings in August that make you feel like you wish life would stop at that very moment so you could go living in it forever. This album (containing, hey, five tracks and not four as the title might indicate) feature ever so subtle washes of electronica lapping at your soul and gossamer light drones unfurling with the grace of barely moving clouds. Never has chill-out had such warmth. (The Crack magazine). Recorded on high quality blue cassette with pro-printed full colour gatefold inner sleeve. Limited to only 30 copies.


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