Human Conduct

HC091: Feast of the Epiphany – ‘Indivinity II’ C54 $8
feastofthecoverReissue b/w unreleased material. Indivinity II is an early full-length extract from Nick Podgurski’s flawless solo output. It backtracks and builds upon 80s’ production habits when gated reverb was newborn. Cultivating and fogging his sources with inorganic effects, Podgurski creates a live pumping heart. Expressive nerve-foliage of polyrhythm-units and percussion are mixed with vertiginous balance. Buried ambiance, melodies, and vocals are perfectly situated in the trance. The tracks are akin to sculpture, complete stereophonic pictures fully arrive, their lush topography moving from lucidity to blur, ears scanning and darting like eyes from sound to sound. The sum is complex, comely, and expressive. professionally duplicated – limited to 100 copies.


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