Foundling – ‘Wake Up In Bits’ CS €6
Foundling_Wake Up In BitsPlumes of soft noise, found sound artefacts and warm mechanical hiss creates calm landscapes, opposing the dense crumbling coverart. In a blanket of vibrating drones hidden minimalistic melodies reach out from under the blurry veil. Wake up in Bits, the debut EP from UK born producer Foundling grapples with your perspective of time, taking you to vivid scenes of quiet solitude where slowly shimmering textures blend into oscillating bass strides; drawing your minds eye to different sonic locations.

Sound Sleep_Shape

Sound Sleep – ‘Shape’ CS €6
Caleidoscopic psych-synth explorations commanded by found-sound particle collisions and descending drum patterns rooted in crumbling walls of decaying subterranean Techno.

Jacques Kustod – ‘Hit The Lights’ CS €6
Jacques Kustod_Hit The LightsDarkened house grooves punctuated with bursts of noise, lo-fi gritty rhythms, ambient guitar chords, sentimental synths and fleeting field recordings. From krautrock through post-techno to lo-fi house, maintaining the experimental / noise feel of the scene the seasoned producer came from. Featuring remixes by Opal Tapes’ S Olbricht, Tesla Tapes’ Lightning Glove and more.


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