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Ninos Du Brasil – ‘Novos mistérios’ CD/LP
HOS411_Dist_Preview-660x660Ninos Du Brasil is the Italian battery of Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari. ‘Novos Mistérios’ follows their debut LP for La Tempesta International/Tannen Records with an acutely stripped down blend of mostly “live” recorded percussion and explorative electronic sound design. The project, and album, is a radical inversion and consolidation of the duo’s respective backgrounds in performance art, punk bands Inspired by the febrile humidity and sensory overload of Brasilian carnival music, they temper layeres of roiling, propulsive percussion with electronic drones, effects and tribalist vocals to militant, hypnotic effect. Six tracks charge between technoid polymetrics, kinky minimalism and meditative ritual with particular focus on rhythmelodic cadence and carefully constructed atmospheres of festive evil.

Ivy Barkakati – ‘Star Report’ CS
HOS-414_Dist_Preview-660x660Ivy Barkakati is a Barcelona-based artist/DJ,who co-runs the Anòmia label with Arnau Sala. Rhythmic, propulsive electronics recalling the lush, synth based moments of Alberich fall between dream-like, sudsy, coastal shores at the foot of colossal medieval cathedrals. Winding stone streets scurry, new lovers meet, hearts full of red wine while ominous gossip fills the ears of old revolutionaries. Edition of 100.


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