Mark Dicker – ‘Talk of the University’
IMG_20140421_162417Mark Dicker played a vital part in London heroes Trencher’s sonic assault, providing the Casio for the three-piece’s unique take on grind. Now a member of Palehorse, he has been tinkering away with solo work, playing shows and recording as Twilit Grotto. Having dropped that moniker, Talk of the University sees mark reducing the scree of 2013’s Holiday Snaps (Beartown) and Full English Hernia (Vacant Fulfilment) to an absolute minimum, forcing one to think about space and sound. The three pieces on talk of the university explore sparseness in a fashion that creates a taut, surreal sound world, excitingly reminiscent of the work of Coil and Nurse With Wound. In an edition of 50 pro-dubbed prison tapes featuring Mark’s own art and layout by Half A Pigeon of Sly & the Family Drone fame.


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