Yerevan Tapes

GERMAN ARMY – ‘Millerite Masai’ c45
frontFrom the dehydrated and dilapidated outskirts of San Bernardino County, German Army releases its latest sonic document, “Millerite Masai.” This exceptionally rhythmic-heavy release constructs itself with a wide palette of percussive timbres and abrasive drones. It’s from these foundations that the group extends its explorative nature toward new sounds and textures. “Millerite Masai” sees the deeply modulated vocals of Peter Kris replaced with found audio of disembodied voices and dialogs unknown. This departure from a lead vocal source provides listener’s with a particular focus on the construction, abstraction and destruction of the given motifs within each track. Most songs here seem to pull their primary melodies from modes that could be found in eastern end of the world, and considering this release comes courtesy of Yerevan Tapes, this Eurasian influence might be more than just coincidence. In fact, it might point to some of the inspiration for the heavy soundscapes that range from the desolate and deserted to the thriving and intense – perhaps pulling from the various landscapes of the Caucus. Comes on jelly red tape with with photographic insert and artwork by S. Anhayt. A limited edition of 100.


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