Inner Islands

kaliska_darkriver timeimmemorial montibus ashan&kaliska allariver



II024 – Silver Antlers – ‘All A River’ DL
A collection of songs written and recorded for someone, something or somewhere.

II023 – Ashan & Kaliska – ‘Ashan & Kaliska’ DL
An album made by some friends.

II022 – Montibus Communitas – ‘Montibus Communitas’ C44
Touching the seeds of life. Journeying between worlds.

II021 – Oliwa – ‘Time Immemorial’ C39
Inner explorations. Landscapes revealing themselves.

II020 – Kaliska – ‘Dark River/Welcome Light’ DL
The final album from Kaliska. An acknowledgement of the constant contradictions of life, living, etc…


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