No-Fi Recordings

cover aninalpsiGianni Giublena Rosacroce keeps on sending us “sound postcards” from his travels through deserts and colorful oasis. After the last tape released, “La Mia Africa”, GGR comes back with new tales of far unexplored territories: ipnotic percussions, dreamy horns, powerful imaginative sounds wich leads our mind back to a 70s’ Mondo Movies’ soundtrack shooted somewhere in the north of Africa. In this new travel GGR is not alone anymore, the bewitching Maria Violenzagoes along with him. Born and grew up in Sicily, she let spread out all the influences of the different cultures that her island has seen living (and struggling) side by side for centuries. What we find here are arabian rythms, sonorities wich recall spanish and morocco’sensations wich collide with a forceful synth wave evil touch, a cold blow! This split is a travel in oniric territories with two sage guides beside. Just play it and lay yourself in their hands … to somewhere else…


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