Consouling Sounds

Hemelbestormer/Vanessa Van Basten split
As part of the Consouling Sounds collaboration EP series, we were thrilled Vanessa van Basten and Hemelbestormer accepted our invitation to team up. Vanessa van Basten surely’s no stranger to the fan of post metal and post rock, having released a few exceptional albums – like the 2008 Psygnosis EP album. The latter band is a new project that formed out of the ashes of Gorath – one of the most unique black metal bands that was active on Belgian soil. Hemelbestormer can’t shake that “black metal feel”, but most definitely isn’t to be pigeonholed in one genre. Their very idiosyncratic take on ambient, doom, drone, and post metal with a black metal tang matches beautifully with Vanessa van Basten’s masterful approach to post metal and post rock. A truly unique collaborative effort that reaffirms Vanessa van Basten’s musical prowess and that preludes a promising future for Hemelbestormer! For fans of: Year of no Light, Pelican, Isis, Mogwai, Neurosis, Locrian, Horseback, Agalloch, …


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