I Had an Accident

Boomruin/BMRN – ‘My Drums Cover A Multitude Of Sins’ C40 $6
mdcamossmallConnecting dark waves of cinematic sounds and slumbering beats – England’s Boomruin/BMRN creates a delicate environment with My Drums Cover A Multitude Of Sins. The 40 minute album is broken up into short movements that crackle and blend into one another. Developing a sense of time and space, MDCAMOS slowly saunters from one moment to another, lingering elements from each moment gently layers onto the memory of what was before. The overall presence of the album is a somber thread that weaves in and out of the fabric of an atmospheric beat tape. Best experienced from beginning to end as the true appreciate for this album is in its whole. Limited to 80 purple cassettes.

Walter Gross + Lumiere Soto/Valance Drakes C40 $6
wglsvdsmallWalter Gross is well known for his unorthodox styling and composition. Gross teams up with Lumiere Soto to offer the echoing voices of desperation. The collaborative piece shows how versatile Gross can be as he exchanges beats for a dulcimer to create a lost in the woods at night feeling. Manipulated sounds of a lost cassette warbles as we are led deeper into the abyss – the whispering whirlwind of eased up distortion and echoing vibration causes an inner workings of sickening turmoil of emotions and rawness beyond scope. The split tape takes a different turn on the flip side, as Valance Drakes provides a head nod to Walter Gross sampling his material to reconstruct and repurpose the beauty of Gross through the eyes of Drakes. The beats bleed through on this side as we are provided with the best of both worlds. Drakes glitch work piecemeals the tracks into short composition of atmospheric darkness and draining beats. Limited to 150 dark blue cassettes.


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