Neros tanzende Elektropäpste – ‘Rotes Brikett’
neros-tanzende-elektropaepsteExactly 30 (!) years after the release of their last offering on Reinfall Tapes H´rath, “Die hohe Kunst des Schwitzens” (The noble art of sweating, 1983), there is news from Aachen´s NDW-absurdists Neros Tanzende Elektropäpste. NTEP-mastermind ENK, word-smith and synthesizer buff extraordinaire meanwhile living in the North- East of China – during daytimes disguised as a Professor of Linguistics – has returned to his musical roots: un-dusted his fretless bass guitar and drumboxes, and for good measure added a hefty alto sax to the Nero´s acoustic arsenal. Joined via internet by his original NTEP collaborator Rolf Merx on guitar, he lays down a thick carpet of synthesized hamster funk, pumping retro electo pieces, and rythmic sound collages for lyrics bristling with NTEP´s trademark Dada humor. Poking fun at the pompous twats running today’s Germany, the war-mongering Yanks, the churches, and generally taking the piss. Due to the long hiatus and abundance of material accumulated, “Rotes Brikett” (= Red Briquette) features almost two hours of new songs. Ranging from polished, catchy numbers to old-style NTEP-oddities using samples from underground movies, the processed voices of Dada pioneers Huelsenbeck and Schwitters, and original lyrics spoken or sung by computer, in eye-winking Kraftwerk tradition. The heavily effect-treated saxophone (think: Jon Hassle, with a dash of James Chance) adds a different flavour to some of the pieces. A worthy return of Aix-la-Chapelle´s former underground heroes. Who would have expected this? In another place, in another time: Neros Tanzende Elektropäpste are back. Sharper and wittier than ever, musically matured, and still in a class of their own. Nonsense deluxe! Double-tape box charged with 2 high quality, custom made chrome (type2) tapes, professionally dubbed on tascam copy machine.

Muffbude – ‘Grundlagen der Waldwirtschaft’
muffbudeNew double MC album from germanys soundcrap taskforce no.1. The recording dates of the sources, that was used for this record, spread over a time from 1980 to 2013. Recycled rehearsal room recordings meet sound exibitions. Bedroom collages from airplays and lots of ethereous surroundings come along with artist discussions. A real adventure in sound! Double-tape box charged with 2 high quality, custom made chrome (type2) tapes, professionally dubbed on tascam copy machine.


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