CHALAQUE – ‘augustus ‘s stealie’ C40
OhhhOhh, here is some serious psychedelia directly from Albyon!! Chalaque is the solo project of Nick Mitchell (Desmadrados Soldatos de Ventura, Float Riverer), joined (once again) by Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides) on drums. This is a one-sided tape which features an almost-20 minutes single track, Nick’s gentle and thunderous guitar being embroidered by garage-like drums, bells and other strange sounds: it tastes like that kind of heavy prog psychedelia made by High Rise and similar glorious bands in the late ’80… Great stuff! Edition of 50 copies , pink tape with tiny green bag + insert. FEW COPIES LEFT …don’t miss!

Once again, another collaboration with some other musicians… I V is a trio comprising of me, Simone and Dario… These are a couple of long, twisted and eerie compositions recorded in the countryside with Simone Marzocchi on trumpet, and Dario Boldrini (Imposta Fabbricazione Spiriti, Slaughter Prod.) on laptop and DigiReverb… limited to some 19 copies…

After some years of gestation, my musical collaboration with Riccardo Poli and Mirko Girlando (aka Kranio Strasciolto) has finally taken a more definitive shape. EC’s is a music concerned with cosmic music manipulations – cacophonic lo-fi instruments, pedals and reprocessed voices – and filled with evocative majestic loneliness. Three guys enter their own respective inner self, coalescing it into a communitarian sensation, different sonic developements explode and gather to Earth… 27 copies in a heavy cardboard package + b/w insert. FEW COPIES LEFT …don’t miss!!


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