sbsmallMore abstract investigations by SINDRE BJERGA – always keeping one eye on the punisher though! Sit back and (acid) reflux, while scum-coloured waves lap corrosively against your fragile, funghaen ego. Erode like a cheap stone clock while CAVE SYNCOPATION takes its toll. In the winter, it can be difficult to dig holes, because the ground is frozen and hard. Light a fire and then try and dig where the fire was. Microchip locusts squeak and chirp on hyperspeed express trains, LCD cockroaches chant and chatter and brittle sinews of static duck and weave their way between. Give or take, exactly 29 tapes, “Spanish Mirror Mansion” artwork, “Fish Poker” on-tape stickers. British Racist Green.

sbmsmallA collaborative release from SINDRE BJERGA and ROBERT SKRZYNSKI combining found sounds, sounds that have been found, and sounds what you might go out and have founded. Also! Wretched feedback, field recordings and dense electronics. A masterfully composed collection of chaotica, both persistent and yielding – a sonic picnic. ANAGLYPH is immersive and disorientating / challenging and disturbing / free and easy – all things to all people and nothing to no one else. Edition of 31 with full colour covers and washed out “tunnel vision” on-tape stickers.

tvesmallWormhole economics! Slip and slide through fog-drenched swamps of static neuze and white pummel fun. TVE fumbles and fights their way to the surface of the sludge lagoon, winking at lurking pit worms and checking answerphone messages along the way. A dense and tireless foray into the inner workings of inner workings, field recordings from a cluttered outpost, a shimmering salt parade in the autumn twilight. Lose yourself in tubes. COLD WAVE arrives and departs with the same ghoulish gurgle, a heaving juggernaut of paper-thin aspirations and a titanic Southern tribute to everything that’s right about the world. Limited to 34 cassette tapes, hand-painted, with “frozen grassland” purple wrap-around covers.

stlcsmallEchoing and throbbing, undulating lines of screaching metal melody. Swaying and swirling, moon landing, re-staged in a forgotten quarry. Restless car park acoustics, cover versions of automatic can openers. SLUMP shuffles past once more, depositing cracked, coagulations for all to behold. Synthesiser, tapes, radios, responsibilities and regrets are all utilised to hideous effect on a half hour mangle-a-thon that demonstrates and suggests in equal measure. A tape of shutterspeed halucinatons cast into concrete cooling towers. Edition of 12 with “off the telly” front covers, and individually screen-printed cloth pouches stuffed with herbs.

pbdsmallWhat the age needs is not a genius—it has had geniuses enough, but a martyr, who in order to teach men to obey would himself be obedient unto death. What the age needs is awakening.” Serve with gueuze, enjoy with friends. Wild ale pneumatics apologists. Dinner. Is. Ready. Edition of 30. Thick card.


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