BEARD CLOSET/PRIMATE PYRAMID – ‘Arachnidiscs Split Tapes Series Vol. 9’ C40 $7
beard-100pxC-40, pro-duped, gold shell, fur-covered cassette box, stamped edition of 40 // Toronto-based lovers, BEARD CLOSET and PRIMATE PYRAMID take sides to administer 40 minutes of essential Skullflower-esque doom-gaze guitar improvisations. White noise bliss. Harmonic reverberations. Avant post-rock drone. Ambient guitar experimentation. Hypnagogic feedback dreams. Just like love and life, at times harsh and dire, at times serene and wondrous.

PARTLI CLOUDI – ‘Two Moron Ever Nose’ CDr $8
PartliCloudi-100pxpro-duped CD-R, hand assembled folder, number-stamped edition of 50 // From Canada’s far-left coast, a deep folkloric journey into the library of the transcendental mind. Twelve cuts of spoken word collages, tribal percussions and primal psychedelias. Hermetic librarian, Stephen Wolf (also of five-piece noise combo SUMMER AMP and avant improv trio NEW YAKI), returns in his solo form from a far too-long hiatus. This isn’t the bedroom cut-up of yester-year, this is cabin fever-induced hallucinations for the now. What will the future bring? Tomorrow never knows, but PARTLI CLOUDI is a window into the present state of world (un)conciousness.


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