Co-released w/ BB. A long time in the works, we finally drop off a true early 10’s Athens underground artifact. Two of the most active Greek bands, Balinese Beast (the cut-up stomp-punch destruction duo of Ilan Manouach and Giorgos Axiotis) and Wham Jah (the free-form rambunctious electrical mayhem of Pavlos Gkousios, Kostadis Michail and Panagiotis Spoulos) deliver two sides of an eye-sparkling platter filled w/ energy, persistence, baffle and soothing noise. Two entirely different approaches, one strong heart endorsing in musical poodle-like affection. Edition of 300 copies w/ stamped labels, offset covers and offset obi-strips housed in a heavy duty poly sleeve.

PHR-105 N.213 – ‘Meat Sweats’ C42
Nic Hughes (of Shearing Pinx and Isolated Now Waves fame) offers his latest homemade analog bouquet, filled with experimentation, twisted pop tunes and soul sucking confessions. Both sides bloom w/ lo-fi noir humid intimacy, groove with multi-instrumentalism freedom and yell that not even the bedroom ceiling is the limit. Let your astral ears explode into void. Limited edition of 50 copies w/ full color j-cards.

PHR-106 DEAD GUM – ‘Sleepy Town’ CDr
Blurry, multi-layered, dreamy imagery for a dark city at a summer night which almost looks like a ghost town. Numb emotions and gentle touches guide you to a private wandering where materialism cannot be felt. It’s a delirious battle inside your dream warrior head. Drift around without touching the ground, smell the transparent fumes, hear the city’s most intimate secret noises, make your very own narrations until the death of night finally comes. It’s meant to be listened as one piece at the recommended track order. Limited edition of 50, packaged in jewel case w/ full color artwork on textured paper.

PHR-107 BRIAN RURYK – ‘Weird Doods’ C31
We always listen to new releases from our favorite Canadian destructionist, Brian Ruryk, with awe and impatience. He goes a step forward every time and that always makes you wonder from which direction this ultra violent metal screeching, glass breaking, frequence growl and intergalactic feedback zap will invade your head. Of course, this album is no exception. It sounds like the household explosion in the final sequence of “Zabriskie Point” playing in double speed. Plus more takes of it, reoccurring w/ asynchronously delay repeats causing pile-up crashes and demolition derbys. Limited edition of 50 w/ full color artwork printed on metallic paper.

CHRISTOS CHONDROPOULOS – ‘Fingerpainting’ 1-sided LP
Limited edition 1-sided LP by Christos Chondropoulos (XYSM). Recorded in Athens, Greece, May 2011, using drums, cymbals, nipple gongs, 28” symphonic gong, tam-tams, sheep bells, cow bells, alumunium bells, singing bowls, crotales, woodblock, polystyrene, bows, brushes, sticks and mallets.


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