Fleeting Youth Records

Big Bill/Basketball Shorts split CS
On Fleeting Youth Records’ first official release, two emerging bands from Austin, Texas unleash their contagious debut EPs. The A-side features foursome Big Bill’s A Hard Day’s Bill EP, a “fast, frenetic, infectious, and off-kilter” unveiling where spurts of new wave, 70s punk, surf punk, and alternative rock commingle with oddball vocals and lyrics. Lead singer Hot Salad’s distinct voice sounds like Violent Femmes’ frontman Gordon Gano bugged out after a high-voltage shock, and is easy to fall in love after you recover from the initial jolt. Combine this with the band’s darting rhythms and you’ll hear why Austin Town Hall calls Big Bill “weird…irresistible…one of the freshest bands we’ve ever posted about in the Austin scene.” Basketball Shorts gets the party going on the B-side with their fun and energetic Total BS EP, which features sing-a-long party anthems about celebrity drinking fantasies (Peter Venkman), undelivered pizza (East Side Lies), and the brutal reality of ending up at a party with no beer (Six Pack None the Richer). Basketball Shorts capture the fun, vital energy of the Austin house party scene where the trio has played non-stop to crowds eager to drunkenly shout back their catchy choruses. This split release will be available digitally and on cassette via Fleeting Youth Records on October 29th and is available to pre-order now.


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