Wall to Wall Carpeting – ‘Pilliad Echons’ CDr
W2WC’s incipient release stands out for its grass roots use of electronics. King Midas touch, Giorgos Aksiotis submits a no-frills, 36min body of work based on retro keyboard, harmonium & drum machine elements. Six unique, single color, screen-printed covers. Printed on a custom laminated cork case. Double sided black Cdr. Mastered by Panos Alexiadis. 100 copies.

Angelos kyriou – ‘Ecstatico’ 3″CDr
For anyone familiar with the contemporary Greek sub-terrain group of musicians Angleos kyriou is no stranger. His new sonic sketch book is made up of Oedipus phone call recordings, micro rhythms and kyriou’s very own singing/songwriting niche. Silver Cdr. 200 gms paper. Mastered by buildings at night. 60 copies.


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