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HSN04: Bin Idris – ‘Muqadimmah’ C34
2-100pxBin Idris is Haikal Azizi’s solo project when he’s not busy poetry-screaming & axe-shredding with his proto-metal quartet Sigmun. Went to the same art school, I barely knew him personally, until the first time we shared a stage in a show. Bin Idris is a rare love at the first sound. While Sigmun was a lucid Sabbath-esque, Bin Idris inherited a spiritual Fahey-ian ride that sometimes could be very chaotic. I remember on the show that evening, 2 of his guitar strings was broken off during a long piece set, but he didn’t stop it, otherwise he continued few other songs with only 4 strings before he finally finished the set. The raw & strange energy that always present during a Bin Idris set. Muqadimmah is his tape debut that draws those kind of energies. Recorded between 2012-2013, it consists some finest materials of his guitar shredding, banjo plucking, chiming vocalization and even some electronics doodling~the later was pretty surprising since I never found it in his live set before. One solid debut. I’m very excited with this edition & really looking forward where this project leads. Hand-numbered edition of 33, real-time dubbed on NAC red tapes, packed in a guitar string sleeve with unique guitar strings inside & classic hand-stamped silver/red natural resin wax seal. Each copy is unique ala Hasana Private Press objets d’art.


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