Tolmie Terrapin Press

Mole People – ‘Red Reflector’ 7” $6
like the 1950s dragged into 2013. blown-out and pawn-shopped up. big guitars, rumbling base, digging drums and jagged singing = sludge grunge pop. pushing the stab rock formula of eerily quiet calm and brick thick loud apart while exploring themes of control, isolation, devolution and bravery. // 300 black vinyl 7”, color cover, lyric sheet, digital download.

Raven – ‘Louder Than Bombs’ C22/CDr/t-Shirt $5-12
an onslaught of harsh noize and feedback from serbia. blasting chaos and scorching sound. buzzing, like a nuclear plant melting down, the dials dissolving, fear mounting as alarms screech their dying breath. // 50 red tapes with color covers, 10 cd-rs with meat collage cover, various colored t-shirts.

The Dictaphone – ‘The Dictaphone’ C28 $5
our favorite french glue-wave band returns with a slew of dirty, pummeling synth punk tunes. partially live, grinding songs, melodies screaming from help from inside the fire. // 100 blue tapes, black and white covers, photo insert.

Nature Camp – ‘Bot’ C38 $5
long awaited tape proving that space is the place and its more warped than you think. a menagerie of twisted melodies, feedback squawks and delayed suspende disbelief. shimmering and stimming. // 100 blue tapes, color covers.

Mole People – ‘Mole Scroll’ C40 $5
the stab rock opera so to speak, 20 sparkling grimy songs each based on a mole poem. a dark, strange voyage down, creep rock opus focusing in on the small amount of light and hope available. // 100 black tapes with glow-in-the-dark labels, color cover, mini 20-page poem book.

Horse Thieves – ‘Horse Thieves’ C20 $5
haunting, guilty country punk, enough slide hooks to cut hands, sad songs to walk down dusty roads to with the blood moon hanging low in the sky, (part of the ttp classic olympia reissue project) // 50 blue foil tapes, color covers, inert.

Corpulent Cranium/Mole People/Swindlella/Llung split C20 $5
4 weird bands playing weird music for 5 minutes each on 1 tape. mole people hiss black metal love song, corpulent cranium brings a voodoo ceremony, llung sings sadly as the coffin closes, swindlella threatens to explode. // 100

Minthill – ‘Mintville’ C22 $5
ghostly enchanting songs, keyboreds on melancholia, machine thumping, warped loops, windy vocals on an autumn night, cloud and rain looming. (part of the ttp classic olympia reissue project) // 100 blue foil tapes, black/white cover, insert.

Blood Lake – ‘I Sincerely Want To Move To The Mountains’ C57 $5
sad, haunting casio tracks from florian edge of continent. gillman reaches for the pretty girl in 1950 black and white movie, ocean crashes in, drowned microphones, mermaid escapes. // 100 white tapes, black/white covers.

Mole People – ‘Mole People’ C20 $5
first mole people tracks, the screams echo off the tunnel walls and downwards as the guitars beat you down, dark days and the search for light begins, dreams start here. // repress of 100 black tapes, silk-screened cover, lyric sheet.

Rubella – ‘William Whale (10-year anniversary)’ CDr $5
the grave of the actual man, william whale, inspired this album, it follows the struggle of man and beast and their way down, physically and emotionally. // limited edition of 20 silver cd-rs with color photo/lyric book, numbered color insert and a small bag of soft lake erie sea glass.


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