Rainbow Bridge

RB-168 Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge/Pregnant Spore – ‘Fruitland Heights Gigabytes’ split CDr
rb168The Saint Petersburg Institute Of Noise brings you a conceptual art project by Noni Halloway and Sterling Biscayne residing in Treasure Island. They are JUST RIGHT. Eclectic tape-collage, occasionally flirting with swamps of feedback frying to it’s death and back. Minimal processing. Decompression from chaos without avoiding fatiguing territory… although there are plenty of quiet places to study. An engrossing, moody oeuvre of avant-garde flow. Everything I just said is as true as you want it to be. The second half of the split, “Plagued By 4-Methoxy-2-methylbutane-2-thiol” by Pregnant Spore, is a near-37 minute magic school bus ride into short-circuits, tangled magnetic tape, hand-built electro-acoustic instruments, pure Casio heaven, treated and re-assembled vinyl, voice guidance, and sneaking around feedback paths in a higher-consciousness graveyard. My own other-worldy trip/ascension into depths untapped; the struggle to grow into my true self, translated into sonic art. A recurring theme of real-life addiction to pheromones. Tip: Listen extremely loud in a naked, white room. Black ink printed on two different shades of mint green card stock inside thick plastic sleeves, complete with a folded 8.5×11-inch photo-copied piece of art by Justin Marc Lloyd. Limited to 24.

RB-169 Justin Marc Lloyd – ‘Anxiety Flood Cont.’ C22 + zine
rb169Potent and off-beat krautrock-inspired almost-songs drenched in electro-acoustics, synth and obstructed vocal delivery. Heavy garbled tape and vinyl looping as backbones, drunkenly staggered. Non-sensical contrast, as a repurposing, creating unique limits around free-associating. Mentally inconvenient with no grace. Inelegant yet careful. Intentional yet the fluid in your ears acts like a puppet controlled by the cosmos. Introspective anti-post-punk sent to space, pre-chakra cleansing. Recorded live with no overdubs. Read the lyrics and sing along. A follow-up to the soon-to-be-released split 10″ on Eschatone Records with Space Toilets. Black ink printed on both light pink and orange card stock. Comes with a lyric sheet and a mini-zine of illustrations by Justin Marc Lloyd, on either red, black, or red and black paper. Hand-stamped, painted paper labels on clear/black foil cassettes. Limited to 66.

RB-170 Vertonen – ‘Blind Ventriloquist’ C32
rb170When Chicago’s Blake Edwards isn’t professor-ing, watching Chrome make asses of themselves at the Empty Bottle, and looking like a xHARDCOREx kid who’s finally becoming an adult, he’s playing around with records and electronics (meaning: putting together absolutely stunning musique concrete for patient, attentive weirdos in the experimental scene). Being such a nerd-fan of Nautical Almanac, I naturally discovered project-Vert through Edwards’s split with them. I became a super-fan (different from nerd-fan) shortly thereafter and gave him spot #1 on the recent Soup Of Freak compilation. Our relationship has since bloomed into fields of white flowers, and this c32 was released in the knick of time. For fans of Jason Zeh and Hong Chulki, and Blake knows it. Full of texture, hints of industrial vibes, and loops that make your face go o_O. Black ink printed on lilac card stock. Comes with info card explaining the processes on these recordings. Hand-painted paper labels on solid white shells. Art by Blake Edwards, text and layout by Justin Marc Lloyd. Limited to 31.

RB-171 AMK – ‘The Perpetual Journeys Of A Despotic King’ C32
rb171True story: as Anthony M. King and I were discussing his release on Rainbow Bridge, we somehow got onto the topic of dolphins. Next thing I knew, he was re-sending me his side A piece complete with dolphin voices dubbed in. He gave me a choice of which version to release. I believe it’s obvious which version I picked. Sound-collage with subtle looping of sonics both decipherable and vague. A total space farm. A Star Trek episode with a jungle-on-a-beach scene on some Earth-LIKE planet. Another true story: Before material was submitted, I told King I was trying to sway toward the “weird” over the “harsh” as far as what I wanted to be releasing most of the time. He was fine with this, hence side A. But he later emailed me, telling me he was sorry, and that he decided to do something completely different for side B. Side B is called “Two” but it could easily be called “15 Minutes Of Watching Your Skin Slowly Dissipate From Your Face.” Black ink printed on green card stock with artwork by Justin Marc Lloyd, made from a source photo provided by AMK. Hand-painted labels on white solid shells. Limited to 31.

RB-172 Tinnitustimulus – ‘Unfamiliar Dust’ C32
rb172Tomas Bennett from Philadelphia, PA is an artistic genius, crafting some of the most compelling pieces the world of harsh noise has ever barely known. No dark and dirty gimmicks. This isn’t so much about negative energy as it is about… well gee, I don’t know, every time I listen to this tape, I’m speechless. This is “harsh noise” for experimental fans who get easily tired of the same harsh bullshit. This reserved, polite, supportive and intelligent little guy is a junk-metal master, and it doesn’t stop there AT ALL. In fact, his style reminds me highly of Pedestrian Deposit, in the way that he tastefully hybrids musique concrete, electro-acoustic, feedback and field recordings, and weaves them in and out of each other flawlessly. This is a dynamic album that will not let go of you until it’s done, much like the perfect novel. And you always want to read those novels again. Someone better re-release this when I sell out. 31 tapes is an insult to this recording. Black ink printed on red j-cards. Hand-painted paper labels on white solid shells. Artwork by Justin Marc Lloyd. Limited to 31.

Copkiller/Roro Perot split C41
crpsplitI confess, I have a penchant for odd ball splits. The weirder, the better! With that in mind, I’m happy to present this split between Copkiller and Roro Perrot. Copkiller is Justin Marc Lloyd (Chicago/Baltimore) on synth, vocals, and programming. Drunken, stoned out, and broken. Avant electronic noise-rock-pop. Roro Perrot is the ultra shit folk alter ego of Vomir. No songs, no ryhme or reason – just demented acoustic improvisations.

Justin Marc Lloyd – ‘Invade Their Countries, Kill Their Leaders, Convert Them To Christianity’
jml-itcktlcttcAvant electronics. Blue shells. Limited to 50 pieces. Art by Justin Marc Lloyd.


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