Null Religion

Divine Shell – ‘Sleep Buzz’ C10
Sleep Buzz CoverThis tape is plain and simple mind blowing. Composed by longtime friend of the label Derek Setzer. Dronescapes pour out of your speakers, as quiet synthesizer lines flit in and out of existence. A tape of quiet and nuanced pieces, that fit together in the most compelling and beautiful ways. This tape is surely one you shouldn’t pass up. Limited to 25. Black and white art by Derek printed on ultra blue cardstock. Lime green hand stamped tapes.

Jared Funk – ‘4/10’ C35
Jared Funk 410 CoverAn assemblage of field recordings put together simply. Jared examined the world around him, dissecting everything that could possibly make sound and laying them out on the autopsy table. The depth of exploration in this tape is amazing and fresh, yet understated. A look into the world we live in that we don’t look at. Limited to 25. Hand stamped prison shell cassettes in poly cases, inside ziplock bags with torn up hand labeled artwork, and nature.

False Flag – ‘Non-Violence Protects The State/Rockefeller Empire’ recycled Cassette
Non-Violence Protects The State CoverFalse Flag (Justin Marc Lloyd) starts off the new cassette series “Recycled Religion” focusing on harsh noise put onto recycled cassettes. Harsh walls and pummeling bass. Anti-establishment, anti-government, hateful harsh noise. The sounds are very dynamic and switch between textures, all while keeping it all interesting, and very focused. Limited to 22 recycled tapes. Black and white art on yellow paper with liner notes on the backside.


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