Sloow Tapes

New Jooklo Age – ‘August Two Thousand Ten’ C40
jooklo_cvrExtraterrestrial ululations by the Jooklo crew spat out from the depths of the vortex. Intense cosmic vibes that recall the atmospheric surreal zen psalms of Taj Mahal Travellers and take you down deep into the abysses of the mind. All covers are handpainted. Edition of 100 copies.

Harry Hoogstraten – ‘Battling Siki’ C60
hoogstratencvrA collection of live recordings from the late seventies up to the mid-eighties by the Dutch beat poet Harry Hoogstraten. About his performances Ted Berrigan wrote ‘His readings are sometimes almost chanting, sometimes in machine-gun bursts of lines out of which he would often break into a quiet and lyrical passage.’ Hoogstraten writes in Dutch, English, German, Italian etc: working with breath and sound being the most important which gives his poetry a musical quality. On these recordings his readings are accompanied by various musicians: Nico De Gruiter (electronics and synths), cello (Helen-Ann Ross), guitar (Rhid Marks) and rousing yelps (Suze Hahn). Also included is ‘Sora Mi Nanah’, which first appeared on Baobab issue #1. Harry Hoogstraten has been a key figure in the European underground poetry scene of the last few decades. He edited the literary magazines Mandala and Abracadabra, organised the One World Poetry festivals in Amsterdam and worked with Steve Lacy, James Koller and Franco Beltrametti. The readings on this tape are in Dutch and English. 100 copies.

Rotifer Puls s/t C60
rotiferpuls_cvrRotifer Puls is a project by krautrock veteran Lothar Stahl, who in the late seventies was part of the politico-prog-rock/proto-punk band Checkpoint Charlie and has been playing with Embryo for the last few decades. This tape collects several live recordings featuring various free spirited musicians opening the horizons from jazzrock over weird krautrock rhythms to psychedelic world music vibes. Edition of 70 copies.


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