Field Hymns

fh036RIYL: b-roll stinger music from the depths of heck, a video game induced panic attack. The sunrise dawns over an earlier Miami, black-purple turning to pink then to yellow-white as flamingos stretch and go about their morning, poking around the mangrove shoots and cattail stands. Girls in bikinis rollerblade around canals with pink Bollés & headphones the size of shooting cans strapped across their tightly permed dull, bronze skulls, never seeing the massive figure coming from the river bottom, cold & dirty with a perverse lust his only sustenance. One by one they fall under his command and turn north into the city to feast on the innocent…

fh037RIYL: dancing robot Prince clones, Flogsta Dancehall, chiptune sex tapes. Field Hymns’ first proper skweee release, Gemini Air Systems is a swanky sexpot in a velvet analog robe billowing funk like an angry love cyclone. Somewhere in the distance, in the swirling Upper Gamalongs, a return cry is heard, signaling the beginning of Round 2, a round not even close to the boss level. We cannot wait until the next installment of Lazercrotch vs. Field Hymns – what a sound that will be! Lazercrotch is also the owner of one of the America’s finest skweee labels Poisonous Gases.


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