Truco Espárrago

ESTAMPIDO/NUCLEAR ASSAO – ‘Never Mind The Noise Here’s Estampido & Nuclear Assao Split EP’ 7″ 5€
204489_265283213574997_749327496_oIn the early 90s the Spanish underground was taken by zillions of infamous noisecore bands. Maybe you remember names such as Genital Masticator, Carne, Likidillo Of Kontainer, Septic Goitrous, Pestufator, Agacoples, Petabravas… This 7″ EP includes two current bands, formed by veteran members, who have resurrected all that uncomfortable musical destruction. Estampido came from the south of Tenerife (Spain) and have a secret line-up. After several demo tapes, that offered sordid mega-hits as “No era coca, era cal” (It was not coke, it was lime), they present in this 7″ EP 14 new irritating songs where noisecore, punk and hardcore are mixed in extremely annoying and brief tracks. Nuclear Assao came from from Barcelona (Spain). The band members are grind/noise veterans who have played in Violent Headache, Mixomatosis, Almax, Net Weight, Holocaust In Your Head, Pozilga, ÖBNI, Disface, Uprising, Totalickers and even worst bands. Worshipers of mongoloid humor, they present 26 tracks of a chaotic blend of grind, noisecore and hardcore with extremely absurd song titles. “Never Mind The Noise Here’s Estampido & Nuclear Assao Split EP”, is seven inches EP with 40 tracks of noisecore, in a fraternal coproduction between the labels Hombre que mira al cielo, Infecció Underground, Crit Of Fàstic and Truco Esparrago. It includes a black and white insert and an A3 bulletin with english/spanish interviews to the bands. Only for 5 euros plus postage through the label Truco Espárrago.


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