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Eitarnora CD $10
Tall Grasses and Black Ash cover 100x99Described by Evening of Light as being “like a very personal journey through rugged but calm North American landscapes,” Eitarnora return with their signature style of Americana on Tall Grasses and Black Ash; classical guitar stylization woven with sung poetry and masterfully crafted ambience. Guest appearances include Troy Schafer and Nathaniel Ritter of Kinit Her and Antonio Gallucci and Francesca Marongiu of Architeuthis Rex. Due out this April on Lakedeer Recordings, Tall Grasses and Black Ash is the duo’s third full length following Maiden of Golden Hair in 2010 and Murmurations released on Brave Mysteries last year. Tall Grasses and Black Ash continues Eitarnora’s underlying themes of love and prairies with intimate poetry by Val Dorr in addition to lyrics from the Rosa Alchemica by W. B. Yeats. Format: CD in jewel case with 4 panel booklet. Edition of 100, 20 Special Edition. Cover Artwork: Alyssa L. Paulsen.


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