Rainbow Bridge

rb-154 ok putrid god god alabakdannagsba C36 + CDr
rb154c36: 4 minutes and 20 seconds of cut and collaged live shows (amma haus, alexandria, va 11.19.11 and sprinkle kingdom, philadelphia, pa 12.16.11). it loops throughout both sides of the tape, dubbed one at a time from a laptop to a walkman for maximum shit-fi effect. each tape starts and ends at a different point in the loop. sometimes the loop starts over before it’s supposed to. busted, broken and blazed in basements. recorded over freshly de-shrink-wrapped chrome tapes originally professionally duplicated and containing an album i recorded with some friends when i was 12. cdr: psychedeadly, awkward as fuck, free-improv harsh gunk electronics and squiggly brain waves interlacing with your intestines. at one point i think i started playing bryan adams on the keyboard. it’s hard to hear because kait was annihilating my signal with voltage-starved, home-made electronics along with some video game sound effects smashed with mixer feedback. two long “studio tracks” and one live recording, recorded at nile ethiopian restaurant in richmond, va, 6.5.12. stoned, zoned and out of our minds. hand-painted chrome tapes inside recycled and painted card stock o-cards with info. hand-painted cdrs in multiple colors, housed inside hand-decorated thick plastic sleeves and surprises. limited to 29. TRY 

rb-155 inappropriate king live – ‘datboonbaat’ C62
rb155sound-collage like nothing else. one of inappropriate king live’s few releases with long, flowing tracks of juxtaposition. data-bent snippets, broken and dirty beats sneaking around where they don’t belong. glass and junk metal clanging and dinging sparsely, tape and vinyl loops, weirdo drones, distant yelps and other strange vocal expressions, the squeaking of houses, cut-up and blown out surprises, room recordings of electronics tests, radio transmissions busting through static, deep psychedelic interludes from the future, nonsensical mashups. dynamics from zero to a thousand. pieces weaving in and out of each other. playing the weird and awkward card real hard, all the while staying curiously dark compared ikl’s usual. musique concrete of all colors, shapes, sizes and worlds. get lost. hand-decorated shells, each one different. black xerox ink on pale red card stock j-cards. art by jml. limited to 17. TRY 

rb-156 dementia & hope trails – ‘pure magical love’ C94
rb156this is a project that does not release material often. when i find myself trapped in some blurry cove, with lights peaking and twinkling in the distance, much like hope in a cold, bleak, winter city, proclamations of misguided love and pure existence are made in forms of deeply reflective, wrist-slitting ambience and glistening beauty. documented on 50 tapes with over 90 minutes of sound, this is your soundtrack for laying on the floor of a chilly dark room. now you can debate whether life is worth living or whether the opposite is much more gorgeous. pure, magical love is always a dream, looping and building and changing slowly over time. here is a copy of a small part of that dream. drug assistance not recommended. strip yourself raw and get a set of stereo speakers. crank the volume up as high as your veins will allow while still allowing blood to reach your busted heart. hand-decorated, black foil shells. black xerox ink printed on dark yellow card stock j-cards. art by jml. limited to 50. TRY 

rb-157 bah tsar jenny troth – ‘deft auksis’ C32
rb157twisting and turning from brighton, uk, johnathan rhys brett lays down a sonic vacation of intriguing and flowing masterpieces. wiggling, cluster-meets-ortmann style weirdo synthesis, bleak and cold build-ups, harsh washes of blown-out, crackling grossness, paired with distant layers peeking through from time to time. the oddness of these pieces shine through the common prejudices of “synth-noise” or “dynamic harsh noise”. this half hour of power is patient, with rising and falling layers you won’t notice until they’ve come and gone. this release is extremely rewarding and brings new textures to the table with every listen. these jams have a real destination even though their vast variety of sonics and moods. it’s almost nuts how diverse this tape is, combining industrial/harsh noise with blop beep boop trips. brighton, uk my ass. planet strange. solid white shells. black xerox ink printed on dark yellow card stock j-cards. art by jml. limited to 21. TRY 

rb-158 endometrium cuntplow – ‘growth into combustion’ C16
rb158buried radio broadcasts, obtrusive feedback, oscillating delays and reverb tank abuse from david matheke of northridge, ca. i’ve heard everything from barely-moving walls of static to uncomfortable drones to sparse tinkering from that cunt. growth into combustion’s unique and specific contrast of sounds proves that david is a talented minimalist who knows what he’s doing. and we all know the world already has enough talented people who can’t be minimal, and minimal people who bore the fuck out of us. there are probably just 2 or 3 distinct methods of creation demonstrated in these recordings but david gets the most out of all of them within a 16-minute period. hand-painted clear/black tapes. black xerox ink printed on hot pink card stock j-cards. art by jml. limited to 35. TRY 

rb-159 peer group – ‘igbo basic course’ CS
rb159completely deranged electronic and sound collage nonsense. no further description. just a track listing: std booth at the occupy protest, baltimore is one big weirdo fest, do you remember r’n’r satellite radio, pious maniac on the payroll, speed dating tips for obese shut-ins, product placement in the torah, exciting home business opportunities, mommy make over application, penis bleaching in the google era, foam on an empty stomach, god hates fags but is cool with incest for some reason, kissing booth outside the free clinic, 404. well, enjoy. dubbed over actual igbo basic course cassettes. xerox art printed on card stock j-cards. illustration by alyssa herlocher, layout by jml. limited to 19. TRY

rb-160 mass comm – ‘present/future shock’ C45
rb160sounds like a busted mainframe dumping data on dmt. abstractly and awkwardly woven minimal electronics and field recordings, with heavy focus on texture and dynamics. lectures on paranormal activity, ufos and other fringe history. a dirty universe of uncomfortable pulsating, intermittent interference, prepared guitar, improv drums and the dead energy of mechanical failure. retro-futuristic circuits and slime. this ain’t your cousin’s synth drone and it’s not some pot-head wanking off with his gear. actually it is. it is the ugly underworld of jonathan enrique barajas, of dayton, oh. he is an innovator of passageways to questions only your fourth eye will want to know the answers to. solid black shells with hand-painted/drawn labels. black xerox ink on pale light green card stock j-cards. art by jml. limited to 27. TRY

rb-161 justin marc lloyd – ‘no gold in the fortress’ CS + zine
rb161equal parts harsh electronics, home-made sound-squirters and oddball freak-folk. turntables, tapes, processed free-form vocals, prepared guitar, feedback tweaks and dizzy daymares. this re-release of rb-162 comes with a zine of original collage/mixed-media artwork in xerox form. 32 pages per zine. most zines are exactly the same but a few pieces vary slightly, and there are 3 different color covers offered. as for the tape, this material was originally released as rb-162, on recycled tapes, limited to 15, and intended as a “tour tape” for the pusdrainer/sorcerer torturer/machismo/jml/developer 2013 southern tour. this re-release is exactly the same but it includes an unreleased track at the end of side a until the tape runs out, and source material sent to facialmess/kenny sanderson for remixing at the end of side b until the tape runs out. altered vinyl, tape manipulation, circuit-bent feedback sputtery, guitar! zines: 18 light green covers, 6 red covers, 1 hot pink cover. tapes: hand-decorated tapes. black xerox ink on dark blue/purple card stock j-cards. these zines and tapes are not physically attached but will ship together. art by jml. limited to 25. TRY

rb-163 v/a – ‘soup of freak‘ C62
6aayknt0after collecting contributions over 2 years, this collection of 40-70 second tracks from 62 different artists is finally hitting the street like a bucket of slime splashed on a passing leash-less puppy. sonic schizophrenia; a soup of freaks. silvery magnus takes you on an exhilarating synthesizer ride to prepare you for jason zeh’s extremely minimal, barely audible composition. listen carefully. horrible mess gifts you a lo-fi slab of crumble. ascites manipulates flooping and fried electronics. dylan nyoukis…well, you know. tapes and garbled voices, like a champ as always. his partner, smack music 7 rocks this one as well, with just a minute. sissisters dedicates his track to luke tandy of being, while baculum dedicates his track to clenching your butthole. clang quartet sticks to the drums. for the most part. oddities by crank sturgeon and psychedelic harsh textures by government alpha. wilt is bleak as fuck and travis johnson is a basically an alien microbe. somnaphon is a room full busy super-computers hacking the planet on their own volition, and pbk’s track sounds like if lasse marhaug’s track was heavily influenced by james douglas’s track. and then theres oubliette, fletcher pratt and corpse candle. and more more more. grip this diverse head-scratcher of a compilation tape before they are gone forever. solid white, hand-stamped shells. black xerox art on 2-panel zebra card stock j-cards in various colors, with a few solid hot pink j-cards for good measure. limited to 100 copies. TRY

rb-166 divine shell/justin marc lloyd – ‘obscure psychic themes’ split C10
rb166derek setzer of utah analyzes his demons and manifests them for us in a psychedelic nature, utilizing space and dynamics as he never has before. truly awkward composition of uncomfortable synthesis and spoken word separates these divine shell pieces from his highly regarded harsh noise, industrial and power electronics. justin marc lloyd’s side is a piece for tape manipulation, looping, and a small amount of electronics to compliment. an increasingly cramped and uncomfortable wave of anxiety. you’ve gone blind, you’re pacing in circles, and an undetected hurricane is just about to come tearing through your brains. hand-painted clear/black cassettes. black xerox ink printed on neon orange card stock j-cards. illustration by derek setzer, layout by jml. limited to 25. TRY


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