Notice Recordings

NTR023 Anne Guthrie – ‘so it’s inverted ; occupying the same position as always’ C30 $7.25(N. America)/$10(World)
NTR023_AnneThe playing and improvisations of Brooklyn-based French horn player Anne Guthrie have been uncommonly personal and physical, exploring the relationship with her own instrument as much as the music she can produce with it. These qualities are abundant on so it’s inverted … . A fellow traveler with New York improvisers and composers like Ben Owen (NTR018) and Billy Gomberg, Guthrie’s integration of conventional playing, sound formations, and unhurried pacing has garnered a lot of positive attention in several releases over the past few years. Here, Guthrie works from field recordings made in Costa Rica, gently improvising along with them using effected and extended techniques. Her sparse and purposeful playing attunes the listener to her immediate environment, a rarely achieved blending of spaces and times. Type II Chrome tapes. Two color letterpress printed artwork. Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery, photograph by Anne Guthrie. Edition of 100.

NTR024 Coppice – ‘Pied’ C38 $7.25(N. America)/$10(World)
NTR024_CoppiceCoppice, formed in 2009 by Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer, has quickly established itself within Chicago’s experimental sound scene, placed firmly along the lines of composers like Haptic, Olivia Block and Cleared. The duo has branched out into many creative sound settings, but Pied finds them returning to their original inspiration: a boombox modified to play back and record simultaneously. Here, they feed it with recordings made on a pump organ while recording in Fljótstunga, Iceland, resulting in some extraordinarily pleasing and hypnotic tones. But it’s the duo’s meticulous pacing and dynamics that makes the piece work as it moves between deeply engaging organ drones and decaying tape textures. The result is more exquisite proof of Coppice’s unique vision of creative and honed sound exploration. Type II Cobalt tapes. Letterpress printed and hand stamped artwork. Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery. Edition of 100.


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