Step Pepper

Balcony View – ‘Wanderer’
balconyviewWanderer is the debut EP by Balcony View, the newest artist from Step Pepper. It’s a beautiful, soaring album of minimal guitar drone, a truly meditative experience you can listen to again and again. The Wanderer EP also marks our first official cassette release. Get ‘em while supplies last! From the artist: “Balcony View originated as a name that I felt would describe my music, the image of being high up on a balcony overlooking a vast, peaceful, natural scene that changes slowly as the day progresses was one I felt suited the themes I often try to aim for. I created it mainly to see the extent of what I could do sonically with the guitar in standard tuning. The album itself is not necessarily about any particular thing. I mainly aimed to unify a series of calm and peaceful themes and blend together a plethora of different guitar sounds.”


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