Like Young

LY014 Aquaventure – ‘Aquaventure’
Before their incredible EP, Legend, Aquaventure released this marvelous pop gem, that would define their sound and make Aquaventure a known name. With the intricate hooks, delicate melodies and passionate lyrics, this frist release will always be close to me heart, and I’m happy to share it with you guys!

LY015 The Fridge – ‘Draw The Plot’
With a groundbreaking first release, Digital Dilletantism, The Fridge brought forth some of the most unique sounding pop melodies ever heard. Now, he is back with his new full-length, Draw The Plot, and he has done it again. Perfect pop melodies laced with intense lyrical driven hooks, magical structure and beautiful tones.

LY016 Quiet Sun – ‘Flicker & Fade’
After his success with Three Colours White, Quiet Sun has stepped up his game by notches, and is back with more incredible tunes. Flicker & Fade is the new EP from this brilliant artist, and brings out the best of his talents. Sensational atmospherics, intricate loops and overall beautiful music.

LY017 Darkentries – ‘Darkentries’
Based out of South Carolina, this darkened shoegaze act has brought forth some of the most intense, blackend noise I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Turn off your lights, light some candles, place some flowers in a circle and hold a seance.

LY018 Sleepmeld – ‘Sleepmeld’
Sleepmeld bring forth their first release and leave you wanting more. Hailing from New Albany, IN this duo creates the perfect setting a hauntingly beautiful evening. Blending dark atmospherics with uplifting tones, they highlight the positives in each genre and create a very special piece of music.

LY020 Trigger Men
Made up of members from Written Off & Another Mistake, Trigger Men bring forth some of the most abrasive hardcore that will destroy everything you stand for.


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