Monstres par Excès

various artists – ‘Ohrwurm Culture‘ CDr 5€
Ohrwurm CultureIt took almost one year to gather almost all the people involved in almost five years of Monstres par Excès. It started as a half-baked joke about noise labels and the scene. It ended up releasing more than expected, crossing the boundaries of bad taste, avoiding the scenes, promoting unfriendliness, eschewing totalities and tonalities. We’re not quite sure about which way we should go, from now on: tumbling around as a faltering machine, in breaks and fits? As an excess of organs without a body, the positive side of negativity? Or should we just stop altogether? You will not notice anyway. 2007-2012: a quinquennial plan in borderline anaesthetics. From noise to noises and backwards, throughout alliances, pseudonyms, rip-offs, chances, encounters. Se rabattre sur. This is how we sounded: a culture of earworms for unattuned ears. 30 copies.


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