Green Records & Tapes

GR250: v/a – ‘Feeding On The Faceless’ C60 compilation
GR250A best-of collection of Green Records in-house solo and group recordings. Brand new tracks by Unveiling Asylums, 1%er, Idle Hour, Cujo, Void Transport, Black Lace Drag, Woven Qualm, The Bloodletters, Resin Injection, Lidless Eye, and Orphanage Rats. Styles all over the map, featuring members of Redrot, Tarpit, Cold Turkey, and a bunch of other Michigan maniacs. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 30 copies.

GR251: Klinikal Skum/Lidless Eye split C62
GR251Two sides of nasty electro-industrial noise by the members of Black Lace Drag. Klinikal Skum (Ryan Oppermann of Redrot, Post Mortem Junkie, S.P., etc.) delivers his signature brand of creeping, rythmic electronic atmosphere. This is the project’s first new material in nearly four years. The Lidless Eye (Knox Mitchell of Orphanage Rats, 1%er, etc.) side mixes homemade pulse boxes and electronics into an unstable frequency structure. Insane homemade sounds. Xerox covers with insert, numbered edition of 40 copies.

GR252: PBK + Anla Courtis – ‘Inasive Species’ C40GR252Newly completed, but a long time in the making, Invasive Species is a collaboration between American noise artist Phillip B. Klingler, aka PBK, and Argentinian experimentalist Anla Courtis, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary psych band Reynols. Courtis’s sound-sources consist mostly of feedback frequencies and throbbing synthetics that push the limitations of digital sound. Set against PBK’s crunching, psychedelic noise and turntable manipulation creates the sensation of being inside a structure of circular forces where the infernal sounds are swallowed up in pulsing sonic vortexes. Sound is somewhere between ambient, space music and noise/drone. Xerox covers with insert, numbered edition of 55 copies.

GR253: Landstander – ‘Possessed’ C60
GR253The return of this studio-only organ unit. Four dark, extended songs played on both electric and wind organ, and recorded to four track tape. Recurring night terror music. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 20.

GR254: The Bloodletters – ‘Skeleton Chained’ C30
GR254UK/US mail collab between Simon Wilson (Blue Spectrum, The Phosphenes, etc) and Knox Mitchell (Lidless Eye, Woven Qualm, etc), this time fed through Simon’s trash compactors and boiled down with broken jazz flue and sizzling electronics. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 18.

GR255: Lidless Eye – ‘The Liquid Engineer’ C32
GR255new sounds and manglings bring Lidless Eye into it’s third year of existance . On this tape are four carefully composed pieces homemade of electro-acoustic non music crafted with mixers and gutted radios, no effects. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 20.

GR256: Stagnant Fluids – ‘Fungal Refuge’ C30
GR256Second tape from this always changing ??? unit led by Ohio’s Bradley Dixon (Rose Window) and Michigan’s Heath Moerland (Sick Llama). On this tape: one side of mystery clatter and syrup-thick tone assault, and one side of treated live ramblings from deep inside the MUG concrete bunker. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 20.

GR257: Dour – ‘Final Document’ C20
GR257Since the mid 2000s, Sam Dour (Exhumed Corpse, Ghouls, Tightrope, Gridlock’d, +) has been infecting ears and minds with his brand of dark, unrelenting harsh PE. This tape signifies the end of the Dour project with his final live set on side A, and a premium slab of mind-numbing harshness on side B. The soundtrack to an endless massacre. Xerox covers, numbered edition of 30.


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