Metaphysical Circuits

MCMC130225: Inhibitionists/Ragged Lines – ‘Torch Passin’ Burners/Festive Suggestion’ C22
Indeed, a passing of the torch – while the long-running Inhibitionists project at least hibernates, Ragged Lines rages on in its place. On offer: two brief sides of bleary-eyed derelict IDM, creepshow soft-synths, and harsh beat-motifs buried in a sweet headphone mix mire. Things range from “impenetrable” to “virtually accessible.” On home dubbed cassettes in an edition of 10.

MCMC130226: Pacific Mausoleum/Ragged Lines – ‘Rebound Control/Accountability Vibe’ C22
As with Inhibitionists, this, too, marks possibly the final audio appearance of Pacific Mausoleum. But, once more, fear not (necessarily), as “The Maus” – presenting decidedly sophisticated missives here – lives on as Ragged Lines. Short-form bangers and lucid mind flower arrangements, similar (not surprisingly) to its brother release. On home dubbed cassettes in an edition of 10.

MCMC130227: Sunny Dunes – ‘Village Global’ C32
We are, hereby, thrilled to finally be able to satisfy and/or introduce more ears, hands, minds, etc., with/to the mesmeric loop-worlds of Micka Perez’s Sunny Dunes (see also: Sylvia Monnier.) Originally a 2011 self released digital album/EP, the “Village Global” cassette consists of four minimal-gaze epics, built on heavenly hypnotic harmonic repetition, abstract synthesis/jungle photosynthesis, and cavernous Kosmische swirls. Hauntingly beautiful, beautifully haunting. Pro duplicated yellow tapes, in an edition of 52.

MCMC130228: Asio Otus – ‘Otus, Asio. Cross Cultural Observations of Sounds Induced by Religious Practices in Human Hearing Range.’ C46
On the heels of the significantly well received “Taivaallisia Tulia,” comes this fascinating new rugged reportage from (y)our favourite nocturnal Finnish world travellers, Asio Otus. The outer bounds of organic electronica and folkloric mystère are juxtaposed once again, heavily focused on field recordings from Nepal and Ghana. An ethnomusicological fever dream is spun. More looping and droning than previously, with sinister devotional sandstorm-ambient mangling and off-kilter jam-crafting abounds. Pro duplicated white tapes, in an edition of 52.


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