Fragment Factory

[FRAG25] PHILIP MARSHALL – ‘Passive Aggressive’ C42 6€
Philip Marshall-FRAG25-100pxThe first cassette work for Fragment Factory by UK-born Philip Marshall, sound and digital media artist, close collaborator of the Touch/Ash International network, one third of (because 4:33 is so last century) and curator of the exquisite Tapeworm label and publishing house since 2009. En passant, Marshall is holding the high office of Minister of Nothing from Elgaland-Vargaland. He is currently mostly living and working on Air Berlin flights between Berlin and London.

[FRAG26] AARON DILLOWAY & TOM SMITH – ‘Allein Zu Zweit’ C48 6€
DillowaySmith-FRAG26-100pxA documentation of a most memorable event, held at FSK Hamburg in summer of 2012. 2 full sets, approximately 20 minutes each. At first Dilloway solo, followed by a remarkable super duet with Smith, who appeared out of the blue that night, suddenly finding himself on the non existent stage next to Dillo! Ohio based Aaron Dilloway runs the influential Hanson label since 1994 and was a member of Wolf Eyes when they blew up the noise scene in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. He’s been part of a vast number of projects and collaborations ever since, The Nevari Butchers, Spine Scavenger, The Beast People or Violent Ramp, just to name a few. US refugee Tom Smith has been a core member of the notoriuos To Live And Shave In L.A., played with Pussy Galore in the 80’s and has been a part of Ohne alongside of Reto Mäder, Dave Phillips and Daniel Löwenbrück. His ongoing collaborations with Kevin Drumm are semi-legendary, to say the least. Smith is currently living in Hannover, Germany.


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