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MYRRH – ‘Hymns’ C32
MyrrhSince this cassette has consistently flown out the door in record time, and in preparation for an upcoming Trans-European tour later in 2013, this album is now available again in a fresh pressing of 100 copies. Sludge-mystics trigger involuntary trance-mode. Myrrh is the power trio of Jackie Beckey (of Brute Heart), Andie Mazorol (Mother Of Fire, Visitor) and Jason Millard (Lighted). They have made a name for themselves around Minneapolis with their epic and minimal form of instrumental doom pummel, but the instrumentation itself also sets this group apart. Viola, Lap Steel, Electronics and Drums weave together to form what could possibly be the heaviest folk music ever made. There is an air filled sense of space throughout these recordings, while still providing detailed crunch and clarity to the goings on. Sweeping strings and percussive plucking folded over sliding fuzz and tone-crackle, backed by enormous crushing rhythm. Restrained yet unbelievably massive. Masterfully recorded by Jason Misik to 1” tape, and beautifully mixed by John Marks (Art of This), “Hymns” comes as a very powerful follow up to their excellent debut album, recently re-released on vinyl from Soft Abuse. Where that self-titled LP captures them in a snapshot from the past, these more recent recordings vividly portrays them in their current trio formation. Professionally duplicated black shell chrome Type II cassette with silver ink imprint comes packaged with a double-sided glossy cardstock J-card featuring original black and white photography by Andie Mazorol in a clear and black Norelco case. Dramatic and drifting psychedelic doom anthems for tomorrow’s sweat soaked soirée.


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