Dog Daze Tapes

Marnie Stern – ‘The Chronicles of Marnia’ CS $8(USA)/$13(Mex+ Can)/$15(World)
Cassette version of the new Marnie Stern album! Produced by Nicholas Verhenes (Black Dice, Deerhunter, Silver Jews) with drumming by Oneida’s Kid Millions. Cd & Lp on Kill Rock Stars.

Occasional Detroit – ‘Down South ep’ CS $8(USA)/$13(Mex+ Can)/$15(World)
Long awaited cassette reissue of hard to find cd-r from the world’s greatest experimental rap/noise group (pretty sure anybody who has seen them live or on youtube would agree.) Something for everybody with this one!

Cotton Candy – ‘Off The Hook & Out Of Control’ CS $8(USA)/$13(Mex+ Can)/$15(World)
New album by COTTON CANDY (Mark Robinson of Unrest, Air Miami, Flin Flon, and Fang Wizard + Evelyn Hurley of Blast Off Country Style and Hot Pursuit)! Their 2010 album, Top Notch And First Rate, was tied for my favorite album of the year and this one is even crazier! Excited to be putting this out. A co-release withTeen-Beat!

Twins s/t CS $8(USA)/$13(Mex+ Can)/$15(World)
The 16 song debut from Portland, Or’s TWINS (Cole and Shane from the excellent CGI FRIDAY label.) The first West Coast band to do a tape on Dog Daze! Heavy Schwarzenneger/DeVito worship on this one. The tape even comes in a mini-vhs style box!


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