Werewolf Jerusalem/The Black Scorpio Underground split [Review]

30536585A new one from the reliably-grimy Husk, and what I believe to be just their second 12” following label-lead Josh Lay’s own. This is another split – a method of pairing affinities which Husk proves skilled in – capturing an odd sort of harsh-dark ambient: The Black Scorpio Underground (Joe Truck Kasher) provides a slow horror concrète, like an ethnographic recording of some fluorescent stockroom conversation, under a warm fat tone of a cover slip to this slide marked “Alone in the Orchard of Souls.” The scene devolves in the sheer sounds of hell – anger, agony, violence – broken by the swing of a clanging hammer which pops right off the vinyl from this gory wash. This mural move seamlessly into Richard Ramirez’s Werewolf Jerusalem playing “Further Suspects in Rail Killings” in an over-affected blizzard of buried orders and a thousand snares played all in the same high school locker room. Paranoid types might think there’s some error in mastering – there develops such an even, steel white noise – but the skin of the recordings ripples and lifts midway, a blister held directly against the glass. No reverberations at all. Yet this too is engulfed, or re-swallowed, and turns white.  The overall effect is quite novel, and allows the disc to function as actual ambient sound with more depth of character than an unground lead, and without losing the bleeding edge of noise.  On avocado barf colored vinyl.

Husk LP

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