DAIS043 Sightings – ‘Terribly Well’ LP $16
sightingsThe noise rock parade that defies definition, set out on a mission of pure volume worship that is the post-decade pilgrimage of NY-based Sightings After eight instinctive albums, the Sightings guys show no mercy with endless annihilation of their newest material on Terribly Well. All parts destruction measured against their abrasive songwriting. Jagged, collapsing rhythm based mayhem, guitars that can be mistaken as a freight train being ripped for scrap metal, only to be held together with panic stricken bass patterns that keep their voice from the edge of insanity. An accessible album for the unacceptable make this their finest to date. Each song saws through the humanity, taking no hostages with this hectic industrial rock masterpiece. Edition of 500.

DAIS037 DBC – ‘Pris’ LP $16
DBCBlinding white magic in light of the new age opera, the Dangerous Boy’s Club bring the heat. DBC has the lips of a killer, the unholy choir of the repentant, and the glamour cast from gold. Known for their history in such outfits as Heroin, Antioch Arrow and Get Hustle, their debut album Vril on Fast Weapons awoke followers out of their coma. Dais now brings everyone to the alter with their follow up LP, Pris. Sacramental electro synth-rock mixed with glam violence inducing one into a state of bliss and ecstasy. Not from this world…not of this time, but DBC knows exactly what we needed to hear. Making sure that everything will be alright, just give in to the club. Limited edition of 500, soaked in soul.

DAIS038 York Factory Complaint – ‘Apology’ LP $16
yfc-1Brooklyn based industrial outfit York Factory Complaint has been chipping out a unusual existence over the past 4 years. With a variety of limited edition releases on labels such as Hanson Records, House of Alchemy, Cae-Sur-a, Acid Casualty and Robert & Leopold, York Factory Complaint took time away from the world to record a full length LP in the summer of 2010. Engineered by Kris Lapke (Alberich / Northern Cross) and recorded underneath the departed Hospital Productions, this LP stood as a document of a band in transition and ideas at their most abrasive. Features members of Veins, Twin Stumps, DeTrop & Home Blitz. Hand made edition of 100 copies featuring artwork by visual artist Michael Yaniro.

DAIS045 Cold Showers – ‘Part Time Punks 11.25.12’ CS $8
cold-showers-tape-400x400After last years stunning debut album, Love & Regret, Cold Showers keep us satisfied with a new 4 song cassette recorded at Los Angeles most lauded and revered radio production: Part Time Punks. Recorded live on on November 25, 2012 in a program studio with a more raw arrangement of song structure, focusing on delayed rock energy and a new song preview from the forthcoming 7″ single on Dais this summer. Limited edition of 100 copies.


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