Second Sleep

em_2Tape loops, concrete parts, harsh noise .. if the elements of this release have been widely developed in a myriad of outputs, what makes this one unique is the way in which these elements are used to tell a story, the project of Francesco Tignola (joy de vivre, drug age) has in fact a unique approach and is highly cinematic in assembling and relating these elements. Born and raised in Naples the project finds its reason to be in the place where it is located, a chaotic city, with strong contrasts but also a tragic and romantic soul, these are in fact the most profound aspects that help to fully understand the music on this project. Edition of 100.

SS053 OTTAVEN – ‘live in rome’ C120
or_2Giovanni Donadini is a versatile artist, illustrator, musician, fashion designer Looking at his drawings, serigraphs, clothes, fanzines, his records.. is easy to see how everything is extremely connected by a common thread, a strict consistency and a deep study that affect both his works as his lifestyle. Invited to play in Rome with his solo project, Ottaven, Giovanni consciously leaves home his usual set-up, all the pre-recorded material, his well known machines in favor of a totally improvised set. Unconsciously, he offered us a set of two uninterrupted hours, a long, unique state of grace that is here reproduced without change, just for those who weren’t there. Edition of 60.

SS054 DRUG AGE – ‘dyslexic action’ 4CS
dd_2Dyslexia is a language disorder that through repetition and inversion of syllables and vowels, radically transforms it, creating an entirely new language and altering the dynamics of the people involved. Using the same elements, the duo of Matteo Castro and Francesco Tignola sets to music a deep analysis of this discomfort. False starts, repetitions, scraps, loops and “errors” in general are the elements that the skeleton of this work is made of; through 16 tracks, the duo offers a heavy mixture of harsh noise and degraded electronic that in some way goes to simulate and pushes the limits of this new language. Edition of 53.


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