Moon Glyph

M. Sage – ‘The Receivers Peaking’ CS $5
mg51Depicted here is the raised hand of an obscured preacher, hovering above rows of urban housing. A striking concept that runs deep into the fervor and punk ethos that M. Sage has been cultivating via ambient and sound collage for years. For the uninitiated, M. Sage is a man out of Fort Collins who crafts grand, aural impressions while simultaneously running his exceptional imprint Patient Sounds. His most recent work and Moon Glyph debut is “The Receivers Peaking”, a conceptual and auditory abstraction of AM radio clips, looped field recordings, processed guitar and serene, pensive composition. As a progressive and prolific worker, M. Sage deconstructs our surroundings and shows us his shimmering utopia that could have been. Ed. of 150.

Brute Heart – ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ CS $5
mg53Ninety-two years after its initial release, Minneapolis trio Brute Heart were commissioned by the Walker Art Center to construct a soundtrack for the German Expressionist film, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. Deftly evoking its subject matter, the score transitions from moment to movement; gorgeous, elegant viola & cello swell to tense alien landscapes to mystic passages of looping melody. It’s a style uniquely their own, one in which Brute Heart have been mining via bass, drums, viola, keyboard & their collective voices for two prior full-lengths (Brass Beads & Lonely Hunter, the latter on Soft Abuse). Few have the compositional prowess of these three & Moon Glyph is grateful to release in its entirety, their formally recorded score to this silent noir masterpiece.  Ed. of 150.


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