Jehu & Chinaman

Rejections – ‘The Vertical City EP’
Rejections is Michael Hann from Teesside, UK. His new tape is loosely based on the ideas expressed in J.G. Ballard’s novel ‘High Rise’ and each song on the EP takes it’s title from chapters in the book. The result is a darkly propulsive journey through a grim dystopia and will appeal to fans of Raime, Andy Stott and Blackest Ever Black.

Invisible Path – ‘Dreams Woven Within the Tapestry’
Invisible Path is Michael Bailey, formerly of Barn Owl. His solo sound retains that group’s enormous drone majesty but looks to the sparkling heavens that rotate above Barn Owl’s arid landscapes. If Barn Owl are desert dwellers then Bailey is a stargazer. This is one for lovers of Thomas Koner, Derek Rogers, Kyle Bobby Dunn and, of course, Barn Owl.

Lutto Lento – ‘Partition’
Lutto Lento is Sangoplasmo Records’ Lubomir Grzelak. His work as Lutto Lento combines field recordings with twisted electronics and ‘Partition’ – inspired by the events of the late 18th Century that saw Poland torn apart – is by far the darkest tape we have released so far. Fans of Ensemble Economique, Indignant Senility and Burial Hex should lap this one up.


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