I Had An Accident

Feend – ‘Secrets’ C30 $6
Secrets begins like a whisper. A steady beat increases intensity but remains consistent. A producer from Temecula CA, Feend builds a steady rhythm of tranquility. The atmospheric sound samples sooth the mind and melts away the outside world as the trance of this beat tape produce loops of emotions. Eliciting old school technique with modern experimentation, the album flows like fingers across a naked body and titillates the mind in such a similar manner. A most memorable listen that will be repeated over and over again. From hard hitting beats to timed structure, Secrets does hold some secret recipe for brilliance. Limited to 101 reel2reel cassettes, half on chrome Type II tape, half on ferrous oxide Type I tape. For those that are tape heads – chrome is the way to go. MP3 download with purchase.

Boogie Boy Metal Mouth – ‘Boogie Boy Metal Mouth’ C40 $6
With the productive backing of DJ Emoh Betta and lyrical stylings of J Ring, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth’s eponymous release combines elements of punk rock, blues, and hip hop beats into an amazing element of contemporary sound. These strong influences culminate the essence of Boston, where the album and artists are from. The rhythm of the album flows with rolling vocals of J Ring and the hard drumming of DJ Emoh Betta’s production with a twist of instruments and beats complimenting the unique styles of Boogie Boy Metal Mouth. The album is full of flavor reminiscent of the culture and history of the Boston punk sound, redefined and filtered into a new culture. Limited to 70 orange cassettes on chrome tape. Mp3 download with purchase.

Shtyro feat. DenMother – ‘Live Vile’ C32 $6
Shtyro is the produced sounds of Robert Griswold… transplanted to Austin, Texas by way of Denver, Colorado… his music is tender with chilling effects that broaden the scope of ambience into a relaxing dragged out beat that drops with a haunting feel. A swarming of emotions that spin with the addition of DenMother’s vocal loops creating an orgasmic sensation and tranquil illusiveness. Live Vile sounds like it was recorded late at night, maybe in the darkness of a forest, with a lush soundscape that sets the tone for a beautiful masterpiece. Limited to 48 “jelly green” tapes. Mp3 download with purchase.

Blvck Ceiling – ‘VOID’ c30 $6
The darkness of dragged out beats and soulsplitting samples of Blvck Ceiling continue with the buzzing synth sounds of VOID. The conceptual elements of each Blvck Ceiling album shows themes of fear and despair, VOID does not fall short of this. The well-crafted album of Spokane’s lost soul features dances of the dead, a sound of internal chaos and inflicted pain. More than just a continuation of a very successful 2012, VOID realizes the end of the world, embraces it, then destroys the hope of survival. Let this be your Bible on the journey to the abyss. Limited to 150 black cassettes on chrome tape. Mp3 download with purchase.


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