Hoss Records

Forged in St. Louis suburban ennui and steeped in urban slime from the slums of the West Side of Baltimore to the fringes of Greater New York City, DJ DOG DICK’s IDENTITY EP is the warning shot – a statement of self and a direct declaration of intent – announcing the imminent arrival of THE LIFE STAINS LP (coming May 2013). Comprised of all-new, non-LP material, IDENTITY melds the hazed sonics of the past decade of haunted pop with blazed surrealist raps and a comedian’s sense of pace and narrative. IDENTITY was written and engineered by DJ DOG DICK himself at HOSS’s nu studio facility, LONE PINE ROAD, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during December 2012 and January 2013, in the aftermath of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy on his current hometown, Far Rockaway, Queens. DJ DOG DICK (nee Max Eisenberg) has cultivated underground infamy for the last decade, coming up in the 2000’s noise scene as a member of Nautical Almanac. Since, Eisenberg has maintained parallel lives as both a top-flyte home-brew modular synthesist (recording as DOG SYNTH), and as one-half of DOG LEATHER (alongside SEWN LEATHER), reigning enfant terribles of the noise-rap non-scene. With IDENTITY, DJ Dog Dick takes his rightful place as the Right Coast’s reigning slime-pop auteur mutante.


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