Field Studies

[FS10] Agnes – ‘untitled’ 3”CDr
fs10_psiAscetic, isochronic techno /? airless sound sculpture. Neural entrainment through primitive pulse manipulation. Flatlining within a pure waveform construct } Edition of 70.

[FS11] Daniel Wyche – ‘A Judicious Observation of That Dreadful Portent’ C20
fs11_psiA nameless solid of infinite mass. A living construct of exquisite artifice, ceaselessly, invisibly reordering its inner structure without sign or command. An array of tone generators and voltage-controlled signal processors at his disposal, Daniel Wyche endeavors to break through its featureless exterior at substantial volume. Pro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 100.

[FS12] Alan Gesso – ‘Obliscence’ C39
fs12_psiStep through into Alan’s world. Enrobed in his holographic panoply he slides through his garden as if digital liquid. Unperturbed he shears through the variable living surface of A/D converters that constitute his visible realm into pure ROM space. Hands on the keyboard, he turns to smile, and you disappear. Pro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 100.

[FS 13] Zerfallt – ‘Ritual Systems’ C27
fs13_psiFetid ouija electronics via L?V?L Tindall (Astronaut, GRYD, Belarisk). Seated at the left hand of the blind Ydl the exalted Zonemaster prepares the final admixture. Wracked with fever, sonic apparitions hovering at the doors of perception, the Sign impressed on both palms, the congregant awakes in the dark dimension. Location unknown. Pro-dubbed on chrome, edition of 100.

[VOICE II] ‘Voice of the Garden II: Music of the Young Earth‘ CDr
My beautiful pictureA slowly evolving frequency bath tuned to the natural tonic of emerging wakefulness. Edition of 24.


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