Aarght Records

EXHAUSTION – ‘Future Eaters’ LP
Exhaustion is the brainchild of Duncan Blachford. Following a US tour in 2008 he retreated into an isolated bunker and purged bouts of recurring delirium through free form noise in a variety of musical units on his Endless Melt label. Naturally the impulse to form a new band arose and he recruited Jensen Tjhung (Deaf Wish, Lower Plenty) on bass, himself no stranger to blackouts in a hate prism of his own making. With the recruitment of Swedish rhythm machine Per Bystrom (Ooga Boogas), the psychic sluice valves opened – spontaneous music appeared out of air thick with desperation, paranoia and trudging dread. Gigs began quickly and the album you are now listening to was recorded within months of their first, in order to capture the band in its foetal stages. The music is a primal rhythmic surge, with Duncan’s undisciplined guitar roping long and weird in tandem with his demented baying and crooning. Aarght Records presents the debut EXHAUSTION album ‘Future Eaters’ in a limited edition of 250 copies on 12” LP with download card. The band is launching it at The Tote on Saturday 2 March with Beaches, Buck/Baxter (Tony Buck of The Necks) and Eastlink. The perfect way to ruin what’s left of your life.


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