Upper Layer

Labanna Bly – ‘Come With Me’
A huge shard of existential magic that has been floating around the multiverse for a couple of years, this recording was made in the spring of 2009 around the Skaters Solo + P.A.R.A. + Dolphins into the Future Euro tour. Coming off the end of what was her Post-Atlantean Ritual Artifacts lifecycle, Labanna switched over to her pre-internet free meditation entity and uttered this raw, mainly vocal articulation of sexual serenity. Where instrumentation sets in, the music shifts into pastoral haunted romanticism and shadowy manifestations of residual dreamtime memory. This tape also marks the end of her tape energy healing period, which since then has shifted into current era internet energy healing of Labanna Babalon. Edition 100.

No Space Island Viking Invasion
No Space Island Viking Invasion is a duo consisting of belgian synthesist Hans Dens, who normally records under the name Innercity, and the swedish, now danish boy of cold skin and hot blood, Hannes Norrvide of Lust For Youth / Posh Isolation fame. Together they’ve melded their separate musical aesthetics, which results in an equally haunting and calmingly enveloping space island symbiosis of cavernous murk and the cold hard surfaces of abandoned space ships. Perhaps a Space Island Viking Invasion never took place, but there is definitely remnants of some kind of nautical space exploration going on. Edition 50.

Sand Circles – ‘Echo Passage’
Sand Circles has for the past three years released solid and well-written recordings that dwell in the dusk til midnight sonic area. Suggestive and visually prompting, the music connotes dark blue sports cars, alleyways, under water camera sweeps and sleuthing in dark office buildings. To some extent the music has a tweaked nostalgic tang, but it could just as well be and attempt to summon the future through skewed reflections and reverberations of ficticious pasts. Songs over sides! Edition 50.


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